The CBIS Bilingual International School (CBIS) library is a multi-function facility that provides various educational resources for the CBIS Community.

The facility also serves as a versatile meeting place for all patron groups. To those ends, the library will:

  1. Support the school literacy program and guide the development of Trans-disciplinary Skills and Approaches to Learning defined by the International Baccalaureate (IB);

  2. Provide equitable access to relevant quality resources;

  3. Embrace the use of emerging technologies for educational use and help students to                                become responsible cyber citizens;

  4. Encourage the use of the library for recreational reading purposes;

  5. Organize, store and disseminate curriculum resources in multiple formats.

The library's patron groups are composed of students, parents and all CBIS staff. It is our vision that the CBIS library will be utilized as a resource to enrich the learning of all community members while fostering a love for reading.