Tuesday, 11 December 2018 16:27

Jay Gibson was born in July 2008 in Nanning Guangxi. When he was 3 years old, he began to swim, play football and tennis, which has been his primary sport ever since.  The CBIS student has now participated in varieties of semi-formal and formal U10 (10-year-old children) and U12 (12-year-old children) youth tennis tournaments around China.

In August 2017, he finished second in the Guangzhou Olympic stadium U10 sports games, third in U10 Anning Yunnan Zheng Jie Cup tournament and ended up the year playing in the Shenzhen Zheng Jie National Cup finals as one of the top 16 players in the nationwide tennis tournament.

In between November 2017 and February 2018, he participated in 3 Chinese Tennis Association U12 tournaments in Changsha, Hunan where he finished 3rd each time and in the U10 Zhuzhou Hunan provincial tennis tournament where he ended up as the champion.

In May 2018, he played in the U10 final of the Zheng Jie Cup tournament in Chengdu, Sichuan where he finished as the first runner-up, and then he was invited to play in the U12 Hunan provincial end of the season finals in which he finished fourth in August the same year.

From August to October 2018, he participated in the U12 sports games at the Guangzhou Olympic stadium where he ended up as the finalist in summer and finished second runner-up in autumn, and he also played in Tianhe Guangzhou’s U10 tournament where he was the first runner-up.

In October 2018, he ranked for the second straight year as the top 16 U10 tennis player in the nationwide Zheng Jie Cup which qualified him to play in Shenzhen finals again where he finished his last U10 season as 8th in China overall.   

Currently, while studying at the CBIS School Jay is working hard for his 2019 season in which he will have to compete in the age group of 12-year-old children (U12).  He is planning to participate in Zheng Jie and Nadal Cups that both are organized nationwide, and he is signed into the Chinese Tennis Association to participate in varieties of tennis tournaments around China too. Jay is hopeful to sign into the International Tennis Association in 3 years’ time and perhaps become more serious with tennis later on.



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Thursday, 29 November 2018 08:38

In an IB school, apart from the daily PD once a week, there will be two-days of professional training for teachers every semester, which is very intensive, to help teachers to learn more and teach better!

1. Mr. CRAIG MARTIN, IB training officer, led PYP teachers in primary school to a new height.

2. IB curriculum guidance experts, certification officials and CBIS foreign principal Mr. IAN HUNT provide professional training for the secondary school department

3. IB curriculum implementation expert and IB-DP examiner Ms. BEI l conducted basic IB course training for teaching assistants, PYP semester education, and office logistics.

4. Mr. MIKE, an IB school professional librarian, gave a lecture on "how to build a class book corner" for teaching assistants and Pre-PYP teachers, He explained the book structure, library function division, book classification method, current mainstream children's book publishers and sharing reference list to teachers together with Ms. CHRIS, teaching assistant of library management

5. Ms. SHAILANI, the IB curriculum coordinator of our school, trains the teaching assistants on the role of teaching assistants in IB curriculum

6. Invite the staff of environmental enzyme public welfare center to provide training on the production of environmental enzymes for logistics department and office staff, so as to take environmental protection actions and warm people's hearts

Through different forms of training, our school hopes to help all staff to devote themselves to work and teaching with greater enthusiasm, a richer experience, and more effective methods, so as to continuously learn, reflect, and practice.  We believe the IB mission will be truly implemented in our school.

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Monday, 12 November 2018 14:08

Mr. Ian was invited to attend the fourth Vision of International Schools Conference organized by NSI(Newschool Insight Media) in Beijing from Nov.9th-11th and was awarded “Most Influential International School Principal”.

On the second day of the conference, he gave a presentation on the topic of Professional Development of Bilingual Teachers and Staff on the sub-forum, which gained a high degree of approval and recognition from present experts and attendees.

It is the second time of this year our school got such a proud award in the International Schools Conference after we was awarded “Most Popular International School” with a outstanding score. With the professional leadership team, the quality curriculum and the high-level teachers, we believe CBIS will gain more and more recognition from international schools all over the world.

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Thursday, 08 November 2018 16:48

Afternoon Nov.8th , our grade 10 students gave a lecture to the whole secondary students named "If you can do it again". Five upper grade students took different approaches to "honest dealing with the others", "clarify the three views", "locate and seek directions", "explore interests" and "time management"...  told their classmates how to make their secondary school life more meaningful.


Unlike the other schools, CBIS requires students to have their own views, be clear about their interests, have their own goals, and manage their own time.


The students' speeches are so popular by whole secondary,Especially for Grade 7!

After that, principal zhan gave comments to the students. She affirmed their wonderful changes and progress in our school, and encouraged them to keep going, effort for great promotion in the future.


"The growing up of students in IB school is really exciting " said Miss zhan at the end.





Thursday, 08 November 2018 15:24

The 2018 ISTA festival was successfully held in the American International school. As a member of ISTA , CBIS participated in this activity with 10 students of grade five and six. The ISTA provided them with professional training and created a drama project to perform on the same stage within three days.

During these three days, the children from different countries to communicate, learn, and increase the international vision, the expressive ability on the stage, self-confidence and social skills have been trained as well.

Drama is a required course in our school. we organizes a big drama festival every year. our school became a member of  the ISTA in 2017 . In January 2019, the students above grade 8 of our school will  go to Vietnam for the  international drama festival again, looking forward to their excellent performance. Drama is both a course and a stage. we hope that children can gain knowledge, increase their ability, and achieve themselves on the stage.


Tuesday, 06 November 2018 13:44

CBIS Drama Production Performed on Lishui Education Event& Congratulations to Ms.Zhan on the Award of “The Model Principal of Lishui Education”. 

The opening ceremony of the 2nd Lishui Education Event was held in Heshun No.1 Middle School at 6.30pm on 2nd of November.

Drama is a compulsory course in our IB curriculum, a platform to help students develop their language skills and the ability to express themselves in public and to handle with the space and time.

In the awarding session, our principal Ms.Zhan was awarded “The Model Principal of Lishui Education”.

On this fertile piece of education land in Lishui, CBIS has grown stronger and stronger. We are now fully accredited by ACS-WASC and become the only international school integrating Chinese philosophy with international curriculum in the world.

Monday, 29 October 2018 13:34

CBIS has just had its 3rd successful International Day. Each class from kindergarten to secondary represented a different nation. This year was our biggest year yet, totaling 19 different nations from across the globe.

After our opening ceremony and extravagant parade, we had a concert with 10 musical performances. Performances included a Portuguese Drama, American, Egyptian, Peruvian, Russian, and Mongolian dances. Along with these performances, parents and teachers of CBIS also showcased their talents.

After the performances, our students sold food from their nations in an international marketplace. Along with CBIS stalls, representatives from the local community also appeared to advertise their businesses. Proceeds from sales will be donated to charity.

We would like to thank students, parents, teachers, local businesses, along with everyone else who has contributed to making this year the best yet. We are happy to contribute to the growth of our global society.