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Family education always an important topic. It is a compulsory course for every parent. We should know the natural rules of children's growth, and know the inner needs of  children. September 21 afternoon, 2018, President zhan's family education report was held in our school.

She mentioned blow:

1. Close parental relationships are the best in families

2. Education rules of nature

3. Love children, understand them, let our children develop naturally

 Before the lecture, our secondary students using five minutes to talk about their "charity action", their excellent speech won the scene applause, Miss zhan praised them they had grown into a powerful inner child after three years study in our school,it seemed theyve known want to do and what is happiness in their life.



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Congratulations to our school Accrdited by Western Association of School and Colleges.

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Another milestone for CBIS!

We are humbled and honoured to receive the Lotus School Certificate for being the most popular International School in Guangdong, according to the Newschool Insight Media (Beijing). This event was participated by 30 schools. Selection criteria included experts’ report from school visits, the veracity of our documents, presentation by the school’s community and online voting. #milestone 

Monday, 14 May 2018 16:45

We were honoured to be selected to host and share our best practices in delivering international curriculum with this group of 40 English language teachers by the Nanhai District Education Research and Development Center. It was an incredibly successful event. Sharing is indeed caring #collaboration #plc #Professional Networking